Commercial Composting

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Our Proces

1. You Order

At Amigos Compost, we pride ourselves on being a full-service composting company to our valued commercial customers. The first step in our process is to process the highest-quality compost possible. Our compost is mixture of organic material, including cow manure that has been mixed and moistened. It is then put through an extensive decomposition process, which provides nutrient benefits to the soil and the right foundation for your lawn, garden, or farm.

2. We Deliver

The second step in our process is delivery of your compost to your business. We can deliver to anywhere in northern Texas! Our compost can be purchased in small amounts for a moderate business building or in bulk for larger commercial properties or farms. While we do not offer our compost in bags, we are more than happy to personally deliver to you - saving you the legwork!

3. We Spread

The last step in our composting process is spreading. Arguably the most tedious task, Amigos Compost prides itself on a job well done from start to finish - including this step. We will spread your commercial compost materials for you, giving you more time to focus on other matters. When finished, we clean up any stray compost and leave your home or farm with a nutrient-rich soil ready to grow.

Why is compost good for farmers and growers?

The studies have shown :

Compost adds stable organic matter to the soil, and slowly releases major nutrients. This has several benefits:
Increases organic matter in the soil which studies show improves maximum yield potentialOffers slow release of major crop nutrients including phosphate, potash, magnesium and sulphurImproves soil structure for better workability and better crop establishmentIncreases water infiltration and retention. The organic action of compost can help to inhibit pests and diseases within the soil components and will enhance the performance of inorganic fertilizers, reducing the overall quantity needed - better for your pocket and the environment. Easy and safe to apply as a product.

Proven Experience

Organic Begins with Compost

The healthier your soil, the healthier your crops are!

We use state of the art equipment!

Our floaters are industry leading

With innovative technology we can map your acreage in our floater cover your land precisely giving your a complete digital look at the coverage. In addition, our system remembers every spread so when it's time to re spread we already have it in our system.


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Prices will vary for commercial compost, for exact pricing please contact Amigos Compost.

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